Monday, November 28, 2016

Priority 1 - 2

"Delegating time to be alone with God is so important and can be accomplished even in this extremely busy environment we are in. The one drawback is that you won't be able to visit or call God on one of your electronic devices. God still speaks with a small still voice into your inner man.

Since glorifying God is priority 1 then time alone is important, because that is where the instructions for priority 2,3 4,... are found. How did it happen? You know, where it became less and less important to include God in your everyday life/lifestyle?

I get asked this question all the time: If God is so great and sovereign, then why does God need me to do anything? Wow! It is kind of a good question. God doesn't need for us to do anything to be God. But part of creation is free-will, built into your being. It is kind of like having power at your house, but you never trip the breakers to turn it on. Access and intervention to and from God are available, but because of free will you do not have to use it.
If you want to live in the dark that's fine.
If you want to go without spiritual nutrition that's fine too.
If you want to own, drive and manage your own life, OK.
If you like always being the boss with no influence or solicitation from God, you have that power.
If you want to deny God His place in your life, you can.

That's the power of free will. The problem with not allowing God entrance in your life/lifestyle is like: Well let's use this analogy: It is like playing a card game that you really like and you are very good at and there are ten cards removed from the deck and you don't know which ones they are. You can still play the game, but the outcome is unknowable and the games rules won't work either.

Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. Going to God provides you with everything you need to live an exciting, rewarding, fruitful and successful life. One more analogy. You have become accustomed to updates in your electronic devices, especially with your PC and phone. Without these updates your devices will usually work, but over time they will become useless, obsolete, archaic and not even perform the most simplest of tasks. It is that way with God too. You need the updates that only God has and to get those updates you need to go online with God, direct connect, live streaming, and get your upgrades. There are many upgrades and you can download them daily if you like and with each upgrade your device does more and more and more.

Priority 1 to glorify God in your body.  


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