Friday, November 4, 2016

On Work 1

"Work as if you work unto the Lord. This does not mean that we should work too many hours nor does it imply that we all have to be the best at what we do or that we should work harder than we are capable. We are all responsible to designate our time for work, to be as creative and productive as possible.

Among the many wonders of God's gifts and privileges to mankind is the ability to work.  AS we perform our tasks we come to understand that to create something from raw material and produce a finished product is quite rewarding and self-satisfying. At times we might even be full of joy or proud (in a good way) of what we do. God has given each of us our talents to be used for His glory and we should never allow our work to become a drudgery. god is concerned with the intent in our heart more than to what degree of perfection we reach.

I am not implying that you should not strive for perfection or high-quality or that any of us should be satisfied with less than our best. But to work as if you work unto the Lord has more to do with intent than attaining a specific goal of perfection. The system that God designed was to insure that as we work unto the Lord, our work on earth, whatever it might be, runs a parallel course. If you have the intent in your heart to do a good job and the skills to do it, you are blessed and should be pleased that you were chosen to do things the way God does things.

Even the most mundane of tasks becomes facile if your intentions are to honor God through your work.

OK, now the tough stuff. Not every work is capable of being done in a way as if we work unto the Lord. There are some things that people do that are outside of the parameter of a job that you can do as if you do unto the Lord. In our modern society mankind is drawing new lines of what is acceptable in the eyes of the Lord. Today almost anything goes. Yes there are parameters and no not everything is approved by God.

People that try to justify whatever they are doing that in their inner man know is wrong, but on the outside they justify; well I don't waste much time with that kind of thinking. And I surely wouldn't waste much time trying to convince someone that they should think differently. It is not that I don't care, it is that they have become hardened to the leading of the Holy Spirit and a person who has been hardened to the leading of the Holy Spirit is not easily reached and quite often any help from you is received as an affront and you will get the brunt of their rebellion. I prefer to wait them out. If you choose a different route, at least admit to yourself that you could be entangled in a web that you might not be qualified to get out of.

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