Monday, November 14, 2016

Lukewarm 1

"Right off I already know that many people will be offended when discussing this subject. Whenever confronted with our own personal indiscretions we often get our back up. True growth is being able to be confronted with indiscretions and the possible cure without feeling attacked and of course without retaliation.

God made man/women so powerful that through the generations, by mankind's own volition, has created unto themselves a new authority to be reckoned with, self. Man, you and me, have designated self as the governing body by which good and evil is measured. We have departed from believing in what God has said. Now we believe a little of what God has said, but we also hold just as pure and just as sovereign, what we have created, our viewpoint, our morays, our rules. We have done this to lessen the effect that God has on our everyday lifestyle. We have begun to believe that if we can lessen God's influence that we can lessen the ramifications of our actions, and if we are really creative we can eliminate any consequences for our behavior.

This process has taken centuries and it also only takes one generation. The lessening of the effect of God among man is becoming a way of life and for many a religion. Slowly over the generations humanism has become the scapegoat from religious belief and generation to generation the mantra of those who hold tightly to an agnostic or atheist point of view. Lukewarm is the final stage of humanistic growth. If you are thinking that lukewarm is OK, just where did you derive that idea? Certainly not from scripture. Rev. 3:16 "So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth."  If John 3:16 is the salvation verse then Rev. 3:16 is the antithesis."


  1. So true, and I fully agree.
    It seems to me like the battle on the inside of us has manifested on the outside.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I really appreciate feedback. PKP