Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Getting To Know God Better 1

""So you want to get to know God better. Why? You might as well comes to term with this question right now, because this question is always going to need to be answered in order for you to receive any instruction, gift, wisdom, power, authority, strength, inspiration, etc.

Spiritual thought requires a spiritual connection and the connection is made by your dependence on the Lord.
  • Are you bothered by the fact that God requires that you go through Jesus to communicate with God?
  • Does it bother you that in God's economy it is not in the amount of times a day that you pray, but who you are, in Christ?
  • Does it bother you that next to a most unholy but saved person you are equal?
  • Are you taken back by the fact that so-called sister religions have no access to the throne of God?
  • Are you concerned that God is working with faulty guidelines and God will erroneously leave out certain groups because God is unaware of their intent?
  • Are you bothered that all are lost to start with and without Christ remain lost?
Many Christians and non-Christians are sympathetic to all kinds of religious overtures. If only we were as sensitive to the Word of God... If you want to be all-inclusive you will be terribly disappointed. If you have decided to stray away from the design that God designed for mankind, that's fine, but it won't work very well. It's kind of like if your car needs a spark plug and you decide to make one and put it into the motor and expect it to run the same as a factory plug.

Get with the program. Stop creating your own religion. It amazes me at how many Christians think they know better than God. No wonder we have so many problems. That's they negative side. The positive side is that God loves you so much that God tolerates any and all of your rebellion. In your imperfections and weaknesses and disobedience God has made a way for you. No matter what you think or what you believe, God loves you and is willing to retrain you if you are willing to accept.

Note: If you plan to go through life with a "have God your own way" attitude, the wonderful protections, blessings, answers, intuitions, inspirations and gifts will not be available."

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