Thursday, November 3, 2016

Fleeing Temporal Determinations


All is this world is temporal, therefore spend little of your valuable time pacifying the perfection of worldly pursuits. Disregard them not, because even worldly pursuits need your attention, but don't exhaust yourself creating and sustaining things that fade away.  Strengthen yourself by reading the Word of God. Once you fully recognize that you are only a steward of the things on earth, it will affect your perception of things important.

God has already promised to give you all things necessary. Why the struggle? Make your deepest and most forethought that of gaining wisdom. Wisdom will provide the catalyst to move forward and better use your time for things that matter. Without wisdom it is a futile fight. Seek not only the things that bring pleasure. Seek not only the things that must be done (your daily routine). Seek outside of these things into the heavenlies for wisdom.

Let God be your All in All for a season.

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