Thursday, September 1, 2016

God Thinking XLII - 3

"7.              We learned that it is not true that you don’t have enough time.  God thinking teaches you how to dispose the day wisely.

8.              God thinking causes you to look and seek to create what pleases God.

9.              God thinking requires that you take responsibility for your future.

10.              God thinking requires that you think differently.
  • Thoughts of success
  • Thoughts of giving to others
  • Thoughts of getting understanding that creates wisdom from God.
  • Thoughts that plan ahead and carefully use the moments at hand.
  • Thoughts that foresee great things
  • Thoughts that reach beyond your present circumstances
  • Thoughts that require Gods help
  • Thoughts that fit a child of God
  • Thoughts that conform to what God has in Mind for you.

But, God Thinking is as much about deliberately abandoning wrong thinking as it is about adopting or putting on top the things of God.

     Excerpt from God Thinking XLII by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2016

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