Monday, March 7, 2016

This Is A Lie Of The Enemy 4

"Take just a few moments and think the deepest thoughts of God you can muster up.
Allow yourself to be mesmerized by God.
Allow your thoughts to go deeper than before.
Talk to your inner man and listen as your highest self expresses God’s perfect will in your life.
Visualize standing or sitting or bowing in God’s presence, before the throne of God.
Force your mind to stop racing around and listen to God, carefully and often - without your cell phone on.

Go to God in your spirit and sense His acceptance of you.
This is cleansing and powerful.
Chang your vision of God - close your eyes and see God in the inner man.

Think higher and loftier thoughts.

You can always tell when you are making headway with God.
As you get closer, God gets bigger.
As you know more, there’s more still.
As you go deeper, deeper gets deeper.
As you draw closer, God pulls you closer.

Make up your mind to put God Thinking into action.  Force the things of God to the top of your thinking and push down all else.  Some things need to be pushed so far down that they are pushed out altogether.

        Excerpt from A Lie Of The Enemy by Keith C. Powell                                          Copyright 2016  

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