Thursday, March 3, 2016

This Is A Lie Of The Enemy 2

"We should expect the Jew and the Hindu, the Muslim and the Taoist to work hard to find peace with God, but the Christian?

There is no peace to be found apart from what God gives freely through Christ.

You either believe it and receive it or you cannot have it.

How many times do you need to read a scripture before you believe it?

I believe that the average person in America believes that the detour is the main highway.  The reason I can say that and without any doubt is because most Americans major on the minors and minor on the majors. 

Born again believers have been inundated for so long (by a quickly deteriorating and demoralizing sin-sick society) that we have had to lower our standards in order to fit in, and we have.

I challenge you to demand from yourself not to continue in this way - to change the way they think and find the peace of God. The whole concept that you cannot have peace with God is a lie of the enemy.

Excerpt from A Lie Of The Enemy by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2016  

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