Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Temple Of God 1

"The Temple of God.
First we are going to take a walk in history.  We are going to see the glory of the Temple of God.  It may be the most important study ever.

David wanted to build the temple to house the Ark of the Covenant, but God would not let him build it because he had innocent blood on his hands.  But God did allow David’s son, Solomon, to take on the task.

1 Kings 5:5
Solomon prepares to build the Temple, the year (1015 BC).
Take a close look at how Temple gets started.
1 Kings 5:5
“And, behold, I purpose to build an house unto the name of the LORD my God, as the LORD spake unto David my father, saying, Thy son, whom I will set upon thy throne in thy room, he shall build an house unto My name.”

Principle to remember:
Before you start to build anything you should purpose in your heart to finish it.

    Excerpt from The Temple Of God by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2016

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