Friday, March 11, 2016

The Answer 2

"I want you to think about submission and obedience as being synonymous.  

Obedience comes from the Greek word, hupakoe (hoop-ak-o-ay) which is from the Greek root word hupakouo (hoop-ak-oo-o) which means, “to listen attentively and conform to the command or authority.”

Submission comes from the Greek word, hupotasso, (hoop-ot-as-so), which means “to obey, in subjection to.”

Obedience and submission are synonymous.  Either word describes an action that requires your will and neither obedience or submission can be accomplished by default.  A prerequisite for you to be obedient or submissive is a move on God’s behalf, because obedience and submission is a response to a move from God and cannot be accomplished apart from God making the first move.

It would be like saying the creation could move and have life before it is created.

You are blessed people if you have ever felt the inner call to obedience, because the desire to become obedient to God is a natural response to God having called you out.

Want to cut to the quick with all of your unbelieving friends and family, don’t discuss religion and differences in belief systems, the cross or tongues, just mention obedience and they will snarl like a trapped animal.

Even believers have trouble with obedience, but unbelievers fall apart like if you were pouring hot water over tissue paper."

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