Wednesday, January 13, 2016

God Thinking XCVII - Crossroads 6

"The world clamors loudly and without sleep to draw you toward another direction, toward other inclinations than that of the Holy Spirit’s leading.

The Holy Spirit leads as a small still voice and the world leads as a boisterous and overtly egotistic voice.  The Holy Spirit gently leading and the world ruthlessly pulling, both knowing that the final decision is in the hands of the possessor of free will.

At each crossroad this battle goes on.  Each time you find yourself getting closer to the one direction or the other, you are either growing closer to God and leaning toward loving the things of God or you are growing closer to the world and leaning toward loving the things of the world. 
This notion of having to choose (of the things of the world or of the things of God) riles the uncommitted. 

The enemy has planted many seeds since Jesus left us here to do His Father’s will.  And one of the many seeds that our enemy has planted is the seed of compromise."

    Excerpt from God Thinking XCVII - Crossroads - by Keith C. Powell                                                        Copyright 2015

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