Saturday, December 13, 2014

God Thinking LXVIII - What Is Worship? 3

"There are many things that affect your worship:
  • Your surroundings, everything you allow to enter into your mind, enter into your body, everything you allow to enter into your household.
  • Everything you do / how you live your lile.
  • What you allow to become part of who you are by the places you visit, the friends you keep, the situations and circumstances you let yourself get into. 

But most of all - the one thing that affects your worship more than anything is:
Being out of a right relationship with God

There are many things that your worship affects:
  • Your ability to produce a healthy and wholesome surrounding for yourself, your family, friends and acquaintances.
  • Your ability to live positively and with purpose in a world that is not conducive to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
  • Your ability to ascertain/discern situations i.e., find and be at the right place at the right time so that you become what God ordained you to be.
  • The outcome of something you are praying for and working towards.

But most of all - the one thing that your worship affects more than anything else, is:
Being in a right relationship with God.

I want to investigate what affects your worship and what your worship affects."

 Excerpt from God thinking LXVIII What Is Worship? by Keith C. Powell                                                    Copyright 2014

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