Friday, December 12, 2014

God Thinking LXVIII - What Is Worship? 2

"God knows if your worship accurately represents your whole being, because God knows and responds to who you are as a whole person. 
The way you talk to your spouse
The way you discipline your children
The way you treat those you work with
The way you operate at your workplace or work-station
The way you act in public
What you do behind closed doors
What you do that you try to cover up with either lies or deceit
The way you treat the temple of God, (your body)
The words you speak
Your level of integrity
Your interior thought life
How you respond under pressure

God knows if your worship accurately represents your whole being, i.e., or if it only represents the way you want to be perceived by others:

There are more people worried about what someone else thinks about the way they worship than what God thinks, because if you cared about what God thinks about the way you worship, you wouldn’t care at all about what others think.

Why does God care about your worship anyway?

When you really catch the revelation of why God wants you to worship, you will desire to perfect your worship.

First let's take a look at the things that affect your worship and then we will look at the things that your worship affects."

 Excerpt from God thinking LXVIII What Is Worship? by Keith C. Powell                                                    Copyright 2014

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