Thursday, July 31, 2014

God Thinking LVII - The In-between times 3

God has in mind that from today forward - the in-betweens, all the way to the ending, will be filled with joy and peace - loaded with blessing of every sort - more than enough money - peace in the household - joy in your spirit - fulfilled in your work - delighted with your circumstances - excited about your possibilities - able to overcome your obstacles - power over each and every thing that stands in your way to a quiet and peaceful life.

Don’t let another day go by, where you believe the lies and the deceit of the enemy.

We’ve seen enough of too little for too long.
Too little money
Too little peace
Too little joy
Too little willpower
Too little true happiness

Don’t believe the enemy. 
he is a liar and the father of lies.
There is no truth in him.
he has no authority that you and I do not give him, but I don’t need to tell you how many times we gave him fuel to work with or we gave him the authority to reap havoc in our life.

Life without God at the center of your being is like being sand in a windstorm. 

You know what it is like without God at the center of your being, without God in control of your daily walk.

Until you have come to the place where you truly believe that life is distinctly different with God in control of your life compared to when you were in control of your life - you will not seek for God to have pre-eminence in your life."

Excerpt from God Thinking XLVII The In-between Times by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2014

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