Friday, July 25, 2014

God Thinking LVI - No Stale Bread Here 5

"When you hide who you are from the body of Christ, three easily noticeable and measurable things also happen:
1     You remain in your current condition or move backward and further away from the will of God in your life.  (No exceptions for those who think they are spiritually better off because they are on their own private spiritual mission.)

2     You become powerless to affect change in your own situation partly because you were not created to grow in isolation, but in cooperation and partly due to your need for fellowship and collective prayer.

3     Your desire to be changed is gradually reduced and given time disregarded altogether.
There is no peace with God and your ability to grow spiritually is stifled when your outer man is not in agreement with your inner man.
You are at peace with God and you are able to move forward in God’s plan for your life when your outer man accurately reflects your inner man and your inner man reflects Christ."

 Excerpt from God Thinking LVI - No Stale Bread Here by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2014

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