Sunday, July 20, 2014

God Thinking LVI - No Stale Bread Here 1

Note: No Stale Bread Here is the culmination of watching modern Christians make light of Godly things and draw close to the worldly things all under the guise that it's all OK; after all everybody sins.  No Stale Bread Here takes the veil off of the throne of God (the one build by religion) and let's you into the Holy of Holies. If you have built your belief system around a particular persuasion, you might not be comfortable sitting at the feet of Jesus discussing the issues at hand, and you might not be comfortable meeting God unveiled.  Religion has made a way for people of all faiths to have God 'their way.'  If that is what you are after you will be insulted by this treatise.  But if closer than ever before is where you want to be with your Saviour, your soul will take solice in knowing that to bridge the gap between the flesh and the Spirit can be painful and that to do this you will have to be honest with yourself with who you are and where you are with God.       

"I am not here so that you can get some little tidbit of dried up or stale bread.  I am here to deliver the bread of life.
I am not going to add to or endorse our already too long of a list of ways that you can have it both ways.
I am not going to tickle yours ears with words that make you feel good about sin or indiscretions that you keep on courting.
I am here to deliver to you the unfailing Word of God. 
I am going to take the guesswork out of your situation.
I am going to help you to nail your problems down with pin-point accuracy.
If you have an obstacle or a barrier, get ready to leap right over it.
If you need a breakthrough, today is your day.
If you don’t think you have a barrier or an obstacle or you don’t think you need a breakthrough; If you have life so wrapped up that you don’t need some of God’s wonder working power, you won’t get a thing out of this message or the next one or the one after that.
God didn’t give you His Word so that year after year you would be without a clue.  Nor did God send His only begotten Son to die for you so that you could act like you never met Him.
It’s time that you grow up and quit tolerating the things of God and learn to love them and guard them and reveal them.  Oh that you had the same passion for the things of God that you have for other things."
 Excerpt from God thinking LVI - No Stale Bread Here by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2014

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