Wednesday, April 24, 2013

God Thinking XVII - All Paths Do Not Lead To God 8

"You need to quit wasting your time trying to merge the narrow path that leads to eternal life with the wide path that leads to destruction.  They cannot merge.  They never did merge.  They never will merge.
When you are born, you are very close to the heart of God.  As we grow older, some of us rebel against the call to holiness.  Some of us get on the broad path and enjoy it.  The broad path becomes familiar. 
Even if we are plagued with drug addiction or uncontrolled anger, even if the bottom is dropping out, even if everything is messed up, even if life has no real meaning, people will stay with the familiar.  
  • The broad path offers answers to these predicaments:
  • The broad path has plenty of drugs to keep us going. 
  • The broad path enables uncontrolled anger. 
  • When the bottom is dropping out, the broad path will be there to keep pushing us down a little further.
  • If everything is messed up, the broad path will generate more of the same.
  • If life has no meaning, the broad path will support that kind of thinking.
Whatever holds us back from having a pure and beautiful existence; it can be found readily available on the broad path.  If we are looking for someone to agree with us when we are living a life without meaning, we can count on those on the broad path.  But, not one day goes by, that God doesn’t call out to everyone on the broad path, to turn around and go the other way.  Jesus entreats each one of us to come and follow Him and enjoy the blessings of the good life. 
Excerpt from God Thinking XVII- All Paths Do Not Lead To God by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2013

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