Tuesday, March 19, 2013

God Thinking XVI - Making Wise Choices 2

"Everyone has a background - (previous knowledge & previous experiences that makeup your whole self).  When you are exposed to new wisdom or new light, new understanding comes in.  You add this new knowledge to your existing knowledge base like a new branch, leaf or flower. 
You may learn a profound truth, but added to your existing knowledge base, it becomes like a branch a leaf or a flower in your experience.  It is kept external and utilized as if it were an entity of its own.
Example: Let’s say you learned that the Apostle Paul, after he was blinded on the road to Damascus, had to wait 3 days in blindness before God let him have his sight back.  That truth might make you think about your own personal experiences and it might make you think that maybe you are blind to something and that you must wait for 3 days or 3 weeks or some determined amount of time, waiting for God to open your eyes.

Adding this knowledge to your knowledge base would be like adding a branch or a leaf or a flower, but it would have little or no effect on the center of your being.

Let’s say you read a verse of scripture like, “obey them that have rule over you”.  Let’s say you’ve never quite understood it, but today it comes to life and becomes clear.  This truth is added to your knowledge base like a branch, a leaf or a flower.  But this truth will not effect the center of your being.  The root of the tree will not be effected by adding new truths to your existing knowledge base."
Excerpt from God Thinking XVI - Making Wise Choices by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2013

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