Saturday, March 16, 2013

God Thinking XV - By Design 11

  • "When you want what God has purposed.
  • When you seek what God has blessed.
  • When you hope for what God has placed on your path.
  • When you go where God has called you to go.
  • When you are who God called you to be.
Are you hearing me?
  • When your goals are God breathed.
  • When you desire what God has foreordained.
  • When it’s your dream to do what God is doing.
  • When your vision is God’s vision.
  • When it becomes natural to think God thoughts, the burden and the weight of this life will grow strangely dim. 
The problems
The financial pressure
The long hours
The heartaches
The past
The stress and strain
The pain - All grows strangely dim and less significant.

I can say without any doubt that God’s design for your life is a beautiful thing. 

God has paved a way for you that is far above and beyond anything you could dream or desire.

God has designed you with a purpose that must apprehended and understood by faith.   

God thinking  - believes that God’s design for you produces God’s purpose in you.      

Are you following God’s design in your life? 

If you are following God’s design, you should rejoice that God has revealed this to you. 

If we are not following God’s design in our lives, we can.  We can start where we left off, or we can start a fresh new life in Christ right now.

God thinking requires we think about God’s design and determine if we are aligned with His design in our lives.

Excerpt from God Thinking XV - By Design by Keith C. Powell copyright 2013

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