Wednesday, June 27, 2012

God Thinking 53 - Learning the hard lessons 12

"It’s not because there’s not enough people called that there’s not enough labourers in the field, it’s because when they are called, they don’t go.

People are building empires of financial security with the money that God gave them to go on the mission field.

Don’t worry, God doesn’t force anyone to go anywhere. If it is by force, it requires no faith.  God is not looking for blind obedience.  God is looking for revelation response.  When God calls and you hear and you respond, by faith with a resounding YES, you can go anywhere and do anything, with or without all the provisions, with or without everyone’s blessings, with or without guaranteed security, because you are convinced in your heart that it is where God wants you to be.  Now that’s true security.
Can I tell you something very candid?  You are going to go to heaven whether you go where God calls you to go or not.
You are going to go to heaven whether you respond to God’s call in your life or not.  If you choose the wrong career or choose not to go here or there on behalf of God, God isn’t going to withhold heaven from you, because God didn’t leave it to you to make all the right choices to get into heaven, God sealed your entrance into heaven with the blood of His own Son. 
But, if you choose to keep on acting like you don’t hear God’s call and if you choose to not go where God calls you, and if you choose to disobey the direction that God is leading you
  • Many, many people will not hear about our great and mighty God.
  • Many, many people will not know about our blessed Savior.
  • Many, many people will not receive the same truth that set you and I free.
Because God doesn’t call you to save you, God calls you to save others.
God doesn’t call His children to go into a foreign country and risk their life to benefit themselves.  He calls them to go for Him to benefit others.
Excerpt from God Thinking 53 - Learning the hard truths by Keith C. Powell copyright 2012

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