Friday, June 22, 2012

God Thinking 53 - Learning the hard lessons 8

Here are a  few ways to get closer than ever with God.  Of course your own prayer from the heart is far better, but the idea is to make a forward motion that develops into a firm grip on where you are with God.

"Oh, God don’t hold it to my charge, my lack of faith....Fill me now and overfill me.  I am ready to believe whatever you speak to me in my heart.

Oh God, I’m so sorry for my lack of faith.  I have denied you for the last time.  Take me in your arms and fill me up, for I am weak and empty, but I sense You want me to be strong and full.  I receive it right now, in the mighty name of Jesus.

Oh, that I could be foolish for Jesus, and just let myself  go and start living out the mighty and powerful truths that I know."

Jesus, I am ready to live by faith and I commit to apply the huge treasure of truths that I already know into my everyday living.  I am ready for new light.

Be it unto me as it pleases You, Oh great Father in heaven.   

If you hear the Word of God speak to you, you must hearken while there is light. “According to your faith be it unto you.”
Excerpt from God thinking 53 - Learning the hard lessons by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2012

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