Sunday, June 3, 2012

God Thinking 2 - To See God part 6

"Here's a truth worthy of evaluation:  If you and I choose to modify God's Word (to fit what our mind and flesh think and feel would better fit our current lifestyle than what God says would be best), then we should also expect the results of our faith to be modified from God's purpose, to our will. 

Every time you tweak God's Word for any purpose of your own, you also tweak the results of what God purposed, to become that of your own.  Are you getting this down in your soul?

Can you take a few moments and give your undivided attention to God?  Have you considered all that God is to you:
All He has done for you
All His blessings on you
All His protection for you
All His intervention on your behalf
Can you think of the holiness of God for a moment?  Take this time and think the highest and most profound thought you can of your Savior.
          Can you thank God for His tender mercies?
          Can you thank God for His grace?
          Can you give God honor due His Name?
Can you allow the Spirit of God to reveal more of Himself to you today than yesterday?
          Can you give the LORD a shout?

Excerpt from God Thinking 2 To See God by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2012

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