Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Getting To Know God Better 14

"'About the struggle' I hope that in your quest to find what you think you need from God that you do not have:

  • False expectations
  • Extra-biblical understanding of God's economy
  • A skewed view of God
  • A religious only understanding of your relationship with Jesus
  • Or that you are relying on someone else to stand before God for you
These things are devils candy. I have found that most people tend to complicate their relationship with God by allowing one or more of these items above to interfere with the progress in getting to know God better. If you are interested that you are on the right path to a great relationship with God a quick review of the devil's candy would be in order.

False expectations - This is by far one of the most difficult fallacies to rectify. We all want to believe that God can do anything. The problem with that notion isn't that it is not true, it is that we have interpreted it without understanding God's full disclosure on the matter. In other words God can do anything, but is that statement congruent with God's economy; what God has put in order in all disciplines, from the beginning of time and up to and through today and tomorrow. One way you can tell if you have been eating the devil's candy is to ask yourself, "is it a struggle for me to get closer to God?" It is not supposed to be a struggle.

Here are a few reasons that people have false expectations:

  • They have seen others receive something (spiritual or physical) so they think they should have it.
  • They have spent the majority of their time convincing themselves that the way their church views God is correct that they have not spent any time investigating the truths in the bible on their own, thus adopting a religious view of God without personal Holy Spirit inspiration/unction/verification. 
  • They adopted a view early on in life about God and have not grown in spirit and truth, thus perpetuating a juvenile view of God.
  • They have bought into the idea that "All paths lead to God" and therefore they never become a child of God and now they allow just about any erroneous teaching to become part of their knowledge of truth. 

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