Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Getting To Know God Better 10

"Loosen up. It pleases God to see you enjoying life. Try not to be encumbered with too many rules and too much religion while traversing this life you have. Yes you should be aware of right and wrong and yes you should make every effort to do the right thing and to be all that you can be, but no you don't have to do these things to please God. God loves you and God likes you right now.

What I mean by loosen up is this: I want you to go through an entire day where you believe that God empowered you to be you and that all that you do this day will be blessed by God. I can tell you from much experience that not many people are comfortable with God. They are worried all the time that God is looking over His shoulder, watching them like a hawk, looking for mistakes or missteps so He can punish them. So many Christians believe that their lot in life is left up to the angels following out God's orders to make them pay for their faults and indiscretions. Nothing could be further from the truth.

You have already been made in the image of God with imprints of holiness, the Holy Spirit living in you, leading and guiding you. Whatever you do, do it unto the LORD. You are already good enough. You are already pure enough. You are already smart enough. You are already pure enough. If you are missing anything, it is that you don't believe enough.
  • If God to you is dormant in your daily life
  • Unreachable through prayer
  • Is constantly demanding more from you
  • Is never satisfied with your behavior
  • Can't be reached in a moments notice
Then you need to take the blinders off and the earplugs out. If you are in the dark as to how much God loves you, likes you, approves of you and enjoys you, it is because you either want to be or that you have been conditioned to believe this way. God has said in the Bible and promoted in your everyday life the exact opposite of this kind of thinking.
  • God is active in your life
  • God is being reached by you 24/7
  • God demands nothing from you
  • God is satisfied with your behavior
  • God can be reached in a moments notice

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