Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Getting To Know God Better 4

"If you have had any experience like I have, you have come to the point of understanding that you are not God and you will always have a finite view of God. Along with that wisdom is also the inner knowledge that you are a steward of the things that God designed, included but not limited to:

  • Manipulating all the components of the natural realm to create and sustain life her on earth. 
  • Working inside the parameters of prophesy; in other words you are at least understanding that what God prophesied will come to pass and you are willing to participate in bringing to fruition what God has already foreordained.
  • Preparing an abode for the Holy Spirit to live in. That's right, the inner man houses the person of the Holy Spirit and you are willing to accept the responsibility that comes with the indwelling Holy Spirit and you also understand the blessings associated with such a relationship. 
  • Accepting the requirement from God to be spontaneous as well as learned and organized. Of course study and practice are hallmarks of the developed christian life, but you must also be willing to say YES to the Lord when called, during the day, maybe this day, to do the impossible, without the necessary tools or knowledge, because you have come to the place where you believe that you can co-create with God. You supply what you do know coupled with what will require the hand of God and the impossible comes to pass.   
  • Simple faith. You have not over-spiritualized the work you were called to do with religious observances that slow down the immediacy of the moment. You can listen to the small still voice of God while in the midst of the lion's din. That's right din not den. You have seen the face of God even while looking through the many walls and doors and veils that religion has placed in your way. You are open to the threshing floor even though you fully understand that might mean that you cannot hide behind the chaff anymore, like a lone reed shaking in the wind, for all to see. You have entered into the Holy of Holies and you understand that you must lay it all down, (even that which is most precious to you) in order to enter in and that by entering in, you are no longer in charge of the outcome. How easy it is to say "I lay it down," at Mass or in Church,  as long as you know in the back of your mind, when no one is looking you can pick it up again. 
Getting to know God better might require an unveiling of sorts of the things that you hold to so dearly.
You will find out things about yourself and your religion that you don't like too much.      
You will have to respond in a moments notice, without the aid of a scheduled program, at least occasionally.
You will have to admit that no one religious order contains all the light of God.
You will have to ...???

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