Thursday, December 1, 2016

Getting To Know God Better 2

"The most important discovery concerning getting to know God better is to recognize that religion is the greatest barrier to a personal relationship with God. Wow! I can see the heads turning at this one. That's right, religion is a barrier to getting to know God better. don't get off on the wrong foot here.
I am not saying:
You can't find God through a religious experience/experiment
You can't get to know God better if you are a part of a congregation
Your church is keeping you back from getting closer to God

I am saying:
  • Not all religions recognize God through the vicarious work of Jesus the Christ. 
  • Many religions deny the divinity of Christ.
  • Many religions do not recognize the need for a Savior.
OK, so now let's deal with Christian religious orders.
I am saying:
Some denominations have a mediator between you and God, thus purposely creating a barrier between you and God. You must go through someone other than Jesus to reach God. If you are in one of the denominations that have a mediator between you and God you will defend this notion of mediators because that is what you were taught, but it is not necessarily true. 1 Tim. 2:5

Some denominations have made up their own set of priorities, church polity, tenets of faith, church resolution. In these list of do's and don'ts many of the items are superfluous at best, not-biblical or downright erroneous, making the path to God hard and arduous, complicated and cumbersome, heavy and disappointing. They steer the parishioner to obligation and duty to the church and not necessarily to God. They provide formulas that work to keep the church in finances, but have nothing to do with God's economy at all. Out of necessity and fear they over-teach with add-ons that are not biblical, and they teach extra-biblical concepts to keep you coming. It is like the dangling carrot concept. Farmers tie a carrot on the nose of a mule that sticks out just a little and the mule move forward to try to get the carrot, but the carrot is always forward and the mule can't get the carrot. 

Now there are many pastor and ministers that are true to the gospel and they are bent on steering you to Jesus. They are selfless in helping you anyway they can to go higher with God. Their mission is to assist you in finding your place  in God's economy. They are willing to get out of the way and let God be God in your life. Bless them and encourage them. They are feeding the flock. There is a big difference between feeding the sheep and manipulating the sheep. Most of the pastors that are manipulating the sheep, know they are manipulating the sheep. They have no faith that you could ever talk to God without them. It is a complex that is developed through years and years of conditioning through their religious affiliation or by a personality that they have decided to follow. 

Getting to know God better is about unlearning a great many things. Don't get discouraged if I have said something that has caused you to take note. It is not heresy to question your religious experience and to seek new light. 
God through the Holy Spirit is available for you all the time.   
God has all the answers for you
God has loved you and will continue to love you always
God is speaking to you all the time
Getting to know God better will always be about you. If God is doing God's part then if there is a disconnect it will require that you open your heart and tell God about it and get the answer you need to go forward. Go directly to God. You might not be able to hear the voice very well at this time, but you will in due time. 

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