Friday, November 11, 2016

Why Does God Have Rules?

"God has set in order rules, precepts, ordinances and regulations for your growth and preservation. God, because of His foreknowledge of the many means by which we can live in peace with joy in this life, has made a way that you can have assurance of success.

All the rules, precepts, ordinances, regulations and laws from God are to serve mankind and in no way were ever designed to reflect the path to salvation. Salvation is a gift from God that you receive by faith. All the rules, precepts, ordinances, regulations and laws from God are in effect for the purpose of mankind being able to preserve their societies in peace and with purpose and prosperity.

Abiding in and following after the precepts of God are the result of salvation, not the way to salvation. Abiding by the precepts of God protect your inner man from failing. While in this world you will have unfortunate troubles and calamities which might be caused by others against you without your participation. The precepts of God protect the inner man, not the outer man. Your flesh is growing toward an end while you spirit is being renewed day by day. Loving the things of God will not keep ungodly people from doing harm, but it will keep you from participating in that harm.

The law of God is good and the wise person is one that seeks not only to find truths but to live them out, not to prove anything to God or anyone, but to nurture the relationship between yourself and the Holy Spirit within. The wise person seeks methods to find and abide by the truths of God while the fool is always looking for loopholes to get their own way."

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