Sunday, November 27, 2016

Priority 1

"Among all the things we must do, we must prioritize our time to reflect our primary responsibilities in everyday living. I am certain that no two persons would set in order all the same priorities, however there is one priority that supercedes them all, and that is to glorify God above all things and in all things.

To glorify God in your life is the primary directive of all mankind. If this is not your highest priority which compels you to plan all other priorities, goals and directives, then you will not fulfill your tasks in this life, no matter how successful you become. Success is found in the honorable pursuit of a thing and has nothing to do with the acquisition or accumulation of things.

Divine inspiration comes from God and you can only measure your true accomplishments in the light of how your faith in God is revealed through your actions. Your actions reveal your true love for God, not your words. Your personal relationship with God is made priority 1 by you revealing your dependency on God's sovereignty, which sets in place all other priorities. Because God is the creator, He design the priority 1 concept to provide you easy access to all the components you need to utilize all of creation to bring to pass all of your goals and tasks at hand.

Try to keep in mind that all of creation was created with you as priority 1 in God's economy. Everything was created for you to use for your benefit and to benefit those around you. If God is priority 1, all of the other things you do in life will provide surplus, or positive results in your life and the lives of others.

One more thing: Alone time with God is the password to get into the presence of God and inner faith the password to get in. If you are thinking that your rabbi, priest or pastor can ever get into the presence of God for you, you have been taught wrong. It is not true and it will never be true. You rabbi, priest or pastor can intercede for you, but outside the gate. You can only get into the very presence of God on your own, by faith."

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