Wednesday, November 9, 2016

On Politics

"Whatever your bent, in America, politics was always meant to be the will of the people through the eyes of the law that governs the people.  I hope you can move on past the division that political elections kindle. Many family members have Democrats, Independents and Republicans all living in the same household. 

From a Biblical perspective they are all under God and their political affiliation only serves their individual memes. Politics will never supply any internal assistance nor will politics ever govern ones heart toward God, but decisions made from the results of political views can steer the environment that we are in. 

Left, Right, Middle, Conservative, Liberal only define portions of what we have come to believe. None of these titles make us who we are. I mention that so that yo will not judge others based on their political affiliation. Yes they might differ with you on very important or delicate matters, but no their affiliation does not define the man or woman. Nor does ones political proclivity fully identify who they are as a person. 

Americans have found out that politics is a way for each individual to galvanize a particular position that they think will better themselves and others.  But politics does not define what we believe or what is our hearts intent. Politics might reflect some of what we are thinking, but only a skewed reflection at best. 

To clump a group of people together and says that they all believe the same things because they are all of a particular political affiliation is ignorance run amok. Love is the glue that holds people together and love overcomes political inclinations. If love is not the driving factor when looking at others trying to figure out why they believe differently than you, then you you will be making erroneous and untrue statements about others and believing things that do not exist. It would be like going to the voting booth to  vote and the ballot was blank except little circles that you fill in and you fill them in without having any corresponding name. 

If you want politics to drive your train, then vote party ticket. That will be proof that politics has become your religion. 

The fact that two people with diametrically opposed positions on social issues can work together and worship together and even live together is proof that politics is of little consequence when being pitted against the intangible things that make life worth living. 

The best politics of all is to jump in with both feet and invest yourself into your life and that of your family and community to make it a better place.    


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