Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Draw Nigh 1

"To be a Christian is not just receiving the name. Many people believe that once they have been saved they have really accomplished something. Salvation is a gift from God, not earned through Sunday School pins or saying the Rosary so many times a day or genuflecting or praying to the saints or becoming a Christian because your wife wants you to. God chooses you and you simply respond with a yes and then God does the saving.

"Draw nigh unto God and He will draw nigh unto you," James 4:8

It amazes me the direction that social thought/media has gone. On one side we still have Christians that are so judgmental that you can't tell they are Christians and on the other side we have Christians that are so liberal/loose with their thinking that they more resemble humanist than Christians. Of course God wants us to be accepting and tolerant, but not ignorant. Of course God wants us to be open-minded, but not without parameters. Why, today if Peter was to come back and become part of our society he wouldn't be able to tell who was with him or against him, because of the wishy-washy belief system that is now status-quo.

The people that say they are with him might be or might not be and the people that say they are against him might be against him or maybe not. The call for speaking with a straight tongue has morphed into speaking so as to impress others whether it is truth or not, whether it is verified or not, whether it hurts someone or not. Many things that people say are for the purpose of confusing others or starting a riot or issue that might not even exist. It reminds me of this last election where there was so much trash talk; building a case against someone for the sake of it without skin in the game. It makes me sick.

It is hard to draw nigh unto God while you are formulating a plan to disgrace someone else or tell lies about someone you don't even know or just gossiping to the point that you (you) cause someone to believe something that isn't true for the sake of hiding who you really are. Again, it amazes me that those who claim Christianity, a personal relationship with God, have no constraint when it comes to following the world, hurting others, lying, cheating, defrauding others, creating false situations to steer others from knowing the truth, and on and on.

I'm sorry, but I am looking for someone to step up to the plate and reveal just how far off track they have become and then make the necessary adjustments and move forward to draw nigh to God to become more like God."


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