Wednesday, October 26, 2016

While You Are Able 3

"The idea that we are to give ourselves to God doesn't fit well with our current religious systems (denominations). The idea of trusting God implicitly is also foreign to most believers today. If you are wondering what it means to give yourself to God or what trusting God implicitly, here is a rule of thumb.

Delegate 1/10th of your life to the furtherance of the gospel. (Sounds like a tithe, but in this case I am not referring to money): 1/10th of your family time, business arrangements, personal time, pleasure time, hobby time, dietary time, etc.

I know that some of you are probably thinking preachers ans other clergy should be giving 1/10th of their time as an example for others and you are partially correct. But really 1/10th of your time, the preachers time, the teachers time, the ministers time, is what is prescribed by God. In many cases some preachers give most all of their time to the ministry, but two things come to mind about that.
1.  Running a ministry is running a business and quite often the time spent is not devoted directly to God, but to building a name, position, legacy, empire. That is not the spirit of the idea of giving 1/10th of your time to God.
2.  Quite often preachers give so much of their time to their ministry that their own family suffers, sometimes severely. That is also far from the spirit of the idea. Working so hard to build whatever doesn't necessarily translate into following Bible precepts. It can even be kicking against the goads.

What God designed for everyone is balance and that is the only thing that works.
think about every science: pathology, astronomy, biology, physics, neurology, even theology and you will find that everything works within its created parameters. Step outside those parameters and throw the balance off and nothing good comes of it. So try to find the balance that God foreordained for you While You Are Able. 

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