Tuesday, October 25, 2016

While You Are Able 2

"God is not delighted or impressed with your superficial worship or unfaithful service. You must come to recognize that all/any greatness that we have and all the comforts that we enjoy and all the freedoms that we have is not from our individual or group efforts. These gifts/freedoms are a direct result of Holy God intervening in the affairs of men/women. 

It is facts that drive us (Christians) not folly or unsubstantiated fantasies. It is facts that keeps us enlisted with our vigor and strength and courage to follow Jesus. You already possess the inner working necessary to adhere to the disciplines that make Christianity work for modernity. We fight the good fight because we have faith in the facts of the creator. 

If this sounds too far out for you then you need to re-evaluate your personal commitment to the things of God. No one is going to train you. You will have to run this gamut on your own. God will give you the desire and the inner inclinations to be true to your faith. God has always done His part. If you are running into a situation where you are living below the bar of where you think you should be, you can easily point back to the time when you strayed from your own good judgment. 

Trust god. God knows how to use every resource flawlessly. Keep in mind , when you are about to do something that you know is outside of your agreed to relationship with God, that God has kept His Word. You do not have to stray. You choose to stray. 

Be mindful of God's will. Be generous. Discipline the inconsistencies in your life. Pray for guidance and help from God, but don't stop veering toward God."

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