Saturday, October 22, 2016

While You Are Able 1

"The largest, most destructive barrier keeping mankind from His quest to seek righteousness is self-contentment. Even the most prudent and deliberating people in our society are seeking self-contentment before reaching out to others. Our culture has become proud of its stable, democratic independence. In almost all facets of industry, technology, education, medicine and others, we have become the most advanced in the world and this is truly wonderful, however it should be to us a warning as well as a blessing.

God has blessed us with every good thing we could possibly want. with such blessings and such grace that has been bestowed upon us, man's efforts to please God should be overflowing, but it is not. For reasons of selfishness man has delegated himself with a new approved standard of giving to others; it is this simple, "When I am full I will give away my used and worn." In some cases giving is based on a static amount of one's income , but rarely of one's want.

Many say "I am certain that God would want me to be filled and my family filled before I share with others." As self-sustaining as this might seem it is based on a false premise. God's Word does not change with each whim of man. I have heard many Christians say, "I believe that everyone is entitled to be filled first before considering giving to others. Whatever you determine is right is right for you." Man has been teaching self-made doctrines for centuries under the disguise of religion.

The reason that God's Word could be written down and not need to be changed throughout the centuries is because of its immutable and perfect nature. God's constitution does not need to be changed with every wind of man's self-fulfillment. God's constitution does not need to be altered to meet new and challenging concepts like our Supreme Court changes with the wind and the times. God's constitution does not need amended, because it was perfect, is perfect and will continue to be perfect, forever."

If you are a Christian and you have created your own personal constitution, based on self-preservation and the will to have it all your own way, why fake it like somehow you are a loyal follower of Jesus. There is nothing to be gained by denying your birthright into the kingdom of God under the guise of an indulging and worldly lifestyle. Whether your friends and family find out what a hypocrite you are or not is hardly the question. If you know, that should be enough incentive to make a correction in course."

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