Friday, October 14, 2016

Thank You Anyway

"Lord I want to thank you even though from my vantage pint it looks like things did not go well. As a matter of fact (in my humble opinion) things went very wrong.

  • I know that you did not bring the tragedy, but you did not stop it either.
  • I know that you did not cause the pain, but you did not squelch it either. 
  • I know that you did not cause the events to take place, but you did not tell me that they were going to either.
  • In my heart I am not convinced that this is best, and You have not comforted me in the way I was expecting.
  • I  know that this might be best, but I don't know and I don't have confirmation from You that I have made the right decision.
I am hurt by the outcome of today's events, and I don't feel comforted, but I do rest assured in my heart that somehow you will continue working on my behalf and that someday I will understand.

I do not understand today but I thank you anyway."

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