Monday, October 31, 2016

Spiritual Growth 2

"You glorify God by receiving Jesus into your heart. Then by growing in faith you can  express your hope to others. The more people who unite together in love under the guidance of the Holy Spirit the faster the changes are made in each others lives.

In the church there is still speculation today that if you are saved that there won't necessarily be any noticeable change in actions or behavior. That is a fallacy that church leaders use to dangle the carrot for people to keep coming to church without the need for any minor or substantial change in actions or behavior. In truth, the degree of your spiritual growth will be measured by the measurable continuance and development of a godly lifestyle. There must be less evidence of one's outer-self and more evidence of one's inner-self, shown through humility, if there is spiritual growth.

This does not mean that as a person is being perfected that they will not go backwards or even fall or fail, but it does mean that if they fall backwards or fall or fail that they don't stay there for an extended period of time. As a person, who wants to grow spiritually, starts making adjustments and changes to their lifestyle, they are challenged by the evil in this world and their own weaknesses. Those who have been in the faith for some time can be a great help to those who are still struggling. The mature Christian lends their self to those struggling to lift them up and even sometimes to bear the pain or suffer with those who are struggling; to go alongside, to help carry the load, carry the person, carry the burdens until that person is strong enough to continue on and start growing in Christ again. Don't make light of this joining together concept of Christianity. Generally it is why all of us or any of us have come as far as we have. Someone was carrying us along the way."

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