Friday, October 21, 2016

On Loneliness 2

"I would suggest a change in your daily routine, such as: If you always do the wash before you do the dishes, do the dishes before you do the wash and make other simple changes in your schedule that break routine. If you always go to the same place for lunch, go somewhere else, somewhere unfamiliar; that's the key, unfamiliar.

You will find that deliberated association with new things, schedules, events, destinations and new people will be mentally stimulating and self-rewarding, thereby eliminating some of the pain or uncomfortable thoughts you have been having.  

In no way am I suggesting that memories will not remain, however change will enable you to reconstruct a new perspective with a new set of parameters and motivations. A broader view of life with new facets can provide the impetus for inner change in your heart. Please remember that God knows your needs. His love is abounding and His grace is immeasurable.

Hold fast to your measure of faith allowing no circumstances to subdue your person. God promises you victory and God never breaks promises. Don't put off making the changes I mentioned above. With every change the pain, troubles, discomfort, heartache lessens and the loneliness subsides."

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