Wednesday, October 12, 2016

God's Great Storehouse

"Six months shrouded by calamity and drenched with an influx of blessings, We laugh, "I wonder what else can go wrong." I say thank the Lord for all the gifts. I can say thank the Lord for I have learned to never trade a moment of my life for a different moment.

God has permitted me to have things that mean so much to me, without conditions or having to make some deal, and so pleasing they are. Even in the worst of times I can laugh and smile and have fun because I know that behind every cloud is a rainbow and after every storm there is a calm.

I wonder sometimes why everyone, including myself, wants God to show Himself. Why aren't we satisfied with what God has actually done for us? If God did show Himself and told each of us exactly what to do and when to do it and demanded our faithfulness (because He showed Himself) and made commands to us face to face; I think people would listen for a season and then they would start complaining and then blaming and then disobeying. They would say, "God is not fair. Why does He have to show Himself like this and tell me what to do?"

God has given each of us what we need to live a life worthy of His love and we choose our directions out of God's great storehouse. Do you really want it any other way?

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