Monday, October 3, 2016

A Man Of Wisdom

"A man/woman of wisdom does not seek his own but seeks that which God provides. He/she need not be in defense of not being perfect, his/her wisdom is from above. His/her words are God's words.

His/her warnings, God's warnings.  Thye need not know all that God knows to know God. It is not their duty to explain what God does not.

the wise are no less wise because they stand among the foolish, no more than the foolish are wise because they stand among the wise. Seek the wise for their wisdom and fell folly. Let not the unseen be unreal as well. The unseen is where all mysteries finish their course. That which you can see is so great an influence, but that which you cannot see is where all things originate and lead to.

Don't be deceived by religious rhetoric, your view of purity and the unexplainable will always be synonymous with your degree of obedience to God. You will not experience that perfect light while darkness prevails for then you would be divided within yourself. Where there is light there is no darkness and where there is darkness there is no light.

Be not deceived, less than pure light is just that. Allow the light of God to permeate your being. Let the light of God create your dreams and drive your visions. Let the unseen be lighted by the entrance of wisdom from God and so it is with the seen, let the seen, this natural world be exposed to the light so that you can see its truth.

Are you OK with going a little deeper with God. If not well..."

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