Monday, September 26, 2016

The True Idea Creator

"When you 'feel' the Holy Spirit you are not actually feeling something physical. You are feeling the results of loosening your hold on the flesh and strengthening your hold on the Spirit. 

When you see a 'work' of the Holy Spirit you do not actually see the Holy Spirit but the results of the power of the Holy Spirit intervening in your life or the lives of others. The Holy Spirit is invisible but the efforts of the Holy spirit are visible and tangible. 

You grieve the Holy Spirit every time you permit yourself to think that you are the proprietor of spiritual matters. You are not really the idea creator of anything spiritual and neither are those who claim to be doing this or that under the guidance of God or "their god." You are however a catalyst to the unction of the Holy Spirit and you can respond to the Holy Spirit by adhering to the godly principles put forth by the Holy Spirit.

The most advantageous way to 'work out' any given unction by the Holy Spirit is through regular participation in what God is doing in your life today. 

Ex. Let's say that you create an idea that there should be a Sunday School in your church, ages 9-11 for advanced Bible study. Let's say it becomes successful and does a good work. You must be aware that the idea was an unction from the Holy Spirit and that you were the catalyst that God used to effect the idea. Once you realize that God is the idea creator, you can be an effectively implement God's plan. 

God is the architect, you are the constructor. If you are following the will of God, you are managing the ideas that God drafted for you. I call this co-creating.

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