Friday, September 30, 2016

Practical Truth

"Q. How can I have freedom of movement and peace of mind when my body is covered with barnacles?
A. By understanding forgiveness and purging off the old ways by being cleaned with new ways.

Q. My daily life is so conflicting and sin does abound and press in toward me from all sides. What can I do to escape so great a pressure?
A. Where sin abounds God's grace does much more abound, therefore accept God's grace as sufficient for the day and move on.

Q. Why does tragedy strike the faithful?
A. The question shouldn't be 'why does tragedy strike the faithful?' The question should be 'what are you going to do with the tragedy that strikes?'

Q. How can I battle against the whiles of the wicked? It seems like there is no rest.
A. Battle while strong and turn away when you need rest. The battle goes on and on and you will have to make a conscience decision to turn away from the battle if you are to ever get any rest.

Q. Why do I have such a hard time giving praise to God and praying for others?
A. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Take some time to learn to eat better and go to sleep earlier.

Q. Why should I listen to the teachings of Christian conduct? Even those with credentials have opposing views.
A. Take council of the wise; Those whose credentials are in their walk, not their wallet. Opinions are man's way of expanding God's truths. Learn to look for the distilled version of the truth (the Bible) and not the expanded version, man's/women's ego."

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