Monday, August 22, 2016

Proverbs 2

008 To play with words with the intent to more clearly express ideas, concepts and imaginations is healthy and wise; but to play with words with the intent to deceive is detrimental to oneself and society as a whole.

009 There are no absolutes, save one; God's Love. All else is a continuous series of compromises by which all things are hinged.

010 To be  impatient or overanxious is a form of instability, in that neither can affect change. Planning and (maintenance of previously established guidelines) are the only means by which a higher goal or an entrepreneurial goal can take form and last.

011 When the opportunity comes to give or to receive, you have that choice, but as to whether it is better to give or receive, it will always be better to give than to receive.

012 If the seasons have told all their stories, then of seasons there would be no need

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