Thursday, August 18, 2016

Know for Sure

"Oh the Glory of God; first God saved me then God made me. The work of God is in you, oftentimes involuntary, sometimes because of your response, sometimes by request. God is ever-constant, reliable, knowing the ending from the beginning. 

Use your faith, Oh ye, His congregation. Stand on your faith and not your talent or education for your spiritual life and blessing. Claim God's promise in your life. That is why God made promises, so that you could stand on them. To know God's promises and not claim them is to reject them. 

You who are saved and yet worry or fret about what is your claim: On what grounds do you question your salvation and the promises of God? On what grounds can you say in your heart, "I wonder if I am saved" or "how can I be sure?"

Know for sure because God says so. God has not let you down. He will continue to carry you until the end. (This worldly life). 

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