Wednesday, August 10, 2016

If I Were To Write About The Other Side Of Life 2

"If I were to write about the other side of life I would be remiss if not to mention the common man’s plight to pay his bills and build any security for himself and his family

For in a family, the ups and downs of wage earning is like trying to calm a cobra on steroids and the hopes of change, even from an unknown source is like dangling a carrot in front of an ass

He works hard and then harder only to find that his fortune must be found in something intangible, for his job supplies a little less than the minimum requirement of satisfaction

With each year’s toil he gains valuable insights and skills and talents that greatly increase his ability to perform his learned trade and each year forward makes him one year less needed

As he plateaus he should revel, but plateaus as a working man learns, is only worth one paycheck ahead and it gets harder to reach as he descends down the other side of the hill

If it weren’t for silly things like Publishers Clearing House and the occasional raffle and a gas station lottery ticket, his hope of success would have been squeezed out of him a half life ago

His longing for success and dreams of fame have been confiscated by maintenance of the mundane"

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  1. Well, what do they say, 'today a rooster, tomorrow a feather duster'. :-)