Tuesday, August 9, 2016

If I Were To Write About The Other Side Of Life 1

"If I were to write about the other side of life

I would mention the one where heartaches and pain linger, waiting to pounce on us like a cat with a small bird

If I did write about the other side of life I would mention how some friends were thieves of everything precious, the things that only those who get real close know about; And then like a true enemy, they suck the little bit of joy and peace and financial security that you have quietly amassed.   Strangers and thieves and marketers didn’t even know about your little stash of precious things, but a close friend knows

Some are willing to take it all and step out beyond the truth to crush you like a sheepsfoot roller crushes gravel , that way they won’t be found out what they did or how they did it

Even their fear of God was set aside and replaced by the corruption of laughter at the suffering of the innocent

Old age and death will win the race of letting another in so close

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