Saturday, August 6, 2016

A Bird's Eye View

Oh how blind we are.  I was frustrated as I ruminated on what I did not possess.  I was sitting on a porch chair and I could hear in the background the heavenly noise of children playing. A bird flew by and perched on the wall on the backside of my house.  As I was dozing off I could hear the birds singing:

          Oh God how great Thou art
          Thou that givest me wings to fly
          Thou that providest my meals on time
          Thou that clothes me warm and cool

          I see one of Your children sleeping on the porch of that big home               You gave them
          He looks just like You
          Thank You that I can sit here and see him clearly
          When I gaze at all You’ve made for me, I am overwhelmed with joy

          I think I’ll continue to sing to You
          You are so good to me
          The air is so free
          You gave me this wall to sit on and Your people to look at
          You remind me of what is precious
          You give me what is good
          You promise my every need will be met
          So I sing to you

Could it be that we need to have a bird’s eye view to better understanding God’s beautiful creation?       

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