Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Talents In Deed

Talents in deed

The quest for seeking our personal talent
Surely mustn’t be judged by someone’s displeasure
For what some consider touching or moving, others give no measure.

The talents that are within us if not reaped and used sparing none
Are like the fox trapped by the hunter for his precious fur  - and the hunter never comes.

Assert your desires toward a distinct goal and daily labor to reveal
What from within you inspires – even though was once concealed
By no means accept a semblance for your talent being played by others like a fool  
For first and most important in one’s work, is the treatment of his tools

Let your conscience be your guide while searching – and when you have found your talent - then let your heart decide,
For as many as are the drops of rain, so too, challenge denies

Our true quest is filled in the seeking
A manifest knowledge of a goal from within
Yet in this fledgling state there is a tempest unwieldy
That one must wield and train and wield again

Rejoice with laughter and inward contentment
That you now know that the talent you chose
Has served you with pleasure and fitted you nicely
Being the talent that God pre-supposed

Excerpt from Pave The Godfrey - Talents In Deed by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2016

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