Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Mercy Love And Grace

"Mercy Love and Grace  

To see His face, I thought today
Take from my eyes this earthly veil
That I could enter in Your presence
And live to see and story tell

A lesson I expected not
Blinded by the chance to tell
My ego was not checked before
I entered in behind the veil

Treaded on the ground of God
As if God owed me some quick look
Upon His face, then I could tell
Or maybe write a book

I reached out to touch God’s hand
And look upon His face
Instead, a mirror did appear
And in it was my face

I saw who I really was
Standing, as if I were bare
Instead of seeing the face of God
God had me, meet me there

What I had come to see with eyes
God called upon my faith to see
I came to see God face to face
He showed me first, His mercy

I said, Oh Lord, my God
How can I, now, come closer still
After I have foolishly
Presumed upon Your will

Deep calls to deep, and you shall see
What comes from above
Come closer still, abide in Me
And you will see My love

Again I stand in awe of Him
Who holds the whole world in His hands
Who declares His mercy and His love
To me, a simple man

Without a word I stand in silence
So great a gift I cannot bear
That God would give His mercy and love
With me, to humbly share

Again, God said, come closer still
And I stretched my faith as far
As I could see inside the veil
Bright shining as a star

What I had tried to do was wrong
These three times, sought I His face
But God, not willing that I should leave undone
Revealed to me, His grace

Ne’er again shall I presume
To see God face to face
Now, I go to God to see
His mercy, love and grace"

Mercy, Love And Grace by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2016

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