Tuesday, July 5, 2016

If I Were To Write About The Other Side Of Life 3

"If I were to write about the other side of life I would probably mention a man’s faith, how he waxes and wanes like the sun

I’ve seen him so full of faith he could walk on water and so empty that he would bow his head to pray and in disgust just say, “Oh forget it,” afraid of retribution for speaking his mind and no faith at all that God …anything…

I’ve seen him strong as a lion and weak as a mole, steady and sure for himself, he is not, but let a beggar even look his way and he gives.  Let the need of another arise, he is there.  He gives to others as if God were filling him up, but inside his own glass he doesn’t even check it anymore, it’s been empty so many times.  It’s been full too and he doesn’t forget it, but it is a memory

If I were to write about the other side of life I would write about how the working man/woman has to work and work – Real Estate prices rise – food goes up – gas skyrockets, but his paycheck is stationary, not corrected as the cost of living goes up, only government workers benefit in these times.  Those who don’t work for the government can’t lean on a shovel and get paid or hide in a ditch for hours and still get paid and health care and a 401K and other perks. 

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