Saturday, June 11, 2016

Inner Peace 3

"I want you to feel the freedom of having things without any guilt. 
That’s right.  No guilt for going to the mall.  No guilt for spending money.  Most of the money that you spend is to meet basic needs or bring joy and happiness to yourself or someone else. 

If you are feeling guilt about that - it’s not guilt from God.

God isn’t watching your every move and calculating every penny to see if you are doing it just right.  God isn’t putting His heavy hand on you in attempts to make you feel guilty. God wants you free to move about as you please and at peace in your inner man.

If you hear a voice telling you to be a miser or a voice saying what will so and so think - it’s not God.

God has provided for your bounty.  You need to believe it and live it.  You need to shout with praise and be thankful for every little thing that you have.  It was a gift from God.

There are those who think it’s more spiritual to go around acting like they are spiritual, while talking behind their friends and families back, cutting them down for enjoying the traditional pleasures of lie, and even complaining about children wanting to have new things.

Giving new things to kids is something that God specializes in.  

Some people just have a hard time believing that they are supposed to enjoy life - and to have the very best - and to have a good time - and to have plenty of good things.

It’s not God that restrains you from enjoying the fruit of your labor.
It’s not God that keeps you from living life to the fullest.
It’s not God that makes you feel guilty for spending your own money.
Now what does that tell you?

         Excerpt from Inner Peace by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2016

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