Saturday, June 4, 2016

In God's Presence 4

"You can come to a place where you seek God, just to find Him.

You can come as you are, but you leave not as you were. 

You can let go of your desires, for a time, to have a glimpse of God.

You can forget about what you want, for just long enough to get caught up in the glory of His presence.

You can, for just a moment, lay down your talents, skills, abilities to be in communion with your Maker.   God is not easily impressed - you can leave your ego at the door that enters into the presence of God.

You can set aside all the senseless worry, the stress, your debt, your mistakes, your past - all for a moment with the Master.

You can seek to abide in Christ, to be converted and changed and  purified, so you can see Him more clearly than before.

You can pray the Holy Spirit will purge you from any part of yourself that would keep you from a divine appointment.

There never was Christianity without seeking and finding God.  That=s religion.

I intend to ask you to come and seek God just to find Him, but I want to discuss one more part of this experience.  

When you go to God to seek Him only, God decides the outcome of the moment, not you.  God is the potter and you are the clay.  It is better that way."
    Excerpt from In God's Presence by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2016 

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